Save the dates: Taxi & Mobility Update April 19-20, 2018 Brussels

Save the dates: Taxi & Mobility Update April 19-20, 2018 Brussels

The sixth Taxi & Mobility Update, started originally in Amsterdam, will be held in Brussels on April 19 and 20, 2018 at the Van der Valk Hotel just near Brussels Airport. The key question for this year: ‘Access to the Mobility Market’.

The development of new forms of mobility increasingly throws up many questions and challenges. It is becoming a complicated puzzle with many (potential) stakeholders. Who takes care of the first and last mile or kilometre? Who gets access to the mobility market? Who drives mobility innovation?

Most of the stakeholders involved in these questions, we’re bringing together in Brussels on April 19 and 20, 2018 for an extensive exchange of views and intensive networking sessions. This is your opportunity to join, sponsor and network with a high-level international audience of Taxi and
FHV operators, top and middle management, owner-drivers, local, regional and national regulators, government officials, academics, consultants and suppliers.

In previous years around 120 high-level international specialists from all over the world made their way to Amsterdam, where the conference originally started. This year we are expecting at least a 150 highly specialised attendees to come to the Taxi & Mobility Update conference in Brussels to examine the question who drives tomorrow’s mobility and who gets access to the mobility market.

What can you expect at this annual international English-language mobility conference? You will learn about the latest developments in the Taxi and FHV world. At Taxi & Mobility Update 2018 you can address, inform and approach this high-level specialised group of experts about your products and services and, of course, enjoy spring-time in Brussels – a special and surprising destination with much to offer.

Taxi & Mobility Update 2018 is the only truly annual and international information and networking event for the Taxi and FHV industry in Europe. As a stand-alone conference, running for two days, it offers many new networking, marketing and PR-opportunities.

Network with top speakers and high-level representatives from Europe, USA, Canada, Russia, the Middle-East and many other regions and inform yourself about the latest international Taxi and FHV topics. Communicate with Taxi and FHV operators, regulators, government representatives, trade representatives, consultants and academics and tell them about your products and services.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to contact and inform the opinion leaders in the Taxi and FHV industry! More info? Contact wim.faber@challans-faber.eu

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