Moscow hosts the Fifth International Eurasian Forum ‘TAXI’ on August 3-4.

Moscow hosts the Fifth International Eurasian Forum ‘TAXI’ on August 3-4.

The fifth International Eurasian Forum “TAXI” will be held on August 3-4, 2017 in Moscow. The choice of the city for holding the event is not accidental: the 110-th anniversary of the Moscow taxi – the first taxi in Russia – is celebrated this year.

According to the organisers “the purpose of the Forum is to promote the development of a competitive and highly efficient system of transport services by passenger cars for the population and the creation of a civilized service market where equal opportunities and rights are provided to all participants. The forum is a platform for uniting the efforts of government bodies, the business community and the general public in order to develop effective solutions in the field of improving the quality and safety of taxis.”

The event will be held with the support and participation of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, Moscow City Government, the relevant federal and regional ministries and departments. The organiser of the forum is the autonomous non-profit organization “International Eurasian Forum ‘TAXI’”

The key themes at the Forum 2017 will be the state regulation of the taxi industry, transportation security technologies, taxis in the context of the development of urban mobility, the development of the taxi business, as well as innovative technologies in taxi operations.

In parallel with the Forum’s business programme an extensive exhibition will be held. The latest samples of taxi equipment, taxi platforms, software, as well as various services for the taxi industry will be presented.

Currently, the taxi is the flagship of the innovative economy. Solving issues related to the development of the industry will make a significant contribution to the creation of principles for the regulation of new business models and technologies and the formation of a sustainable and accessible urban environment. It is this integrated approach that is the basis for the formation of the Forum’s programme in 2017, and its implementation will be ensured by the joint work of federal and regional government bodies, taxi companies, technology platforms and the expert community. For the 2017 Forum the organisers expect about 700 representatives of federal and regional authorities, commercial and non-profit organizations of Russia, CIS countries and others.

The main outcome of the Forum will be a unique public resolution with suggestions and recommendations of the participants, which will be sent to the public authorities of the Russian Federation in order to improve legislation and relevant state policy.

Taxi companies, taxi radio circuits, car manufacturers, fuel companies, manufacturers of specialized equipment and software developers for the taxi industry, companies that provide leasing, insurance, banking, consulting services; educational, scientific and public organizations have been invited to participate in this event.

The Forum will be held at one of the leading venues of the capital – in the Congress Park at the Radisson Royal Hotel, Moscow (formerly hotel ‘Ukraine’).

• This year’s Forum will (again) be held in Moscow to celebrate a 110 years of Moscow taxis.

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