Taxi Helsinki started offering fixed-fare trips

Taxi Helsinki started offering fixed-fare trips

Taxi Helsinki, the largest Finnish taxi company and market-leader in the Helsinki market, has introduced a flat-rate taxi fare, writes Kauppalehti. To get a pre-determined price clients need to use the Taxi Helsinki app. “The app provides the customer with a pre-certified price at the time of the order, and the fixed price varies, for example, from day to day, to take seasonal differences, peak hours and holidays, into account, so that customers know the price before getting into the taxi,” said the Taxi Helsinki CEO Jari Kantonen.

Taxi Helsinki started these fixed-price trips on April 4th. According to the company, they have already been ordered through the app over a thousand times. “In addition to the fixed price, the so-called traditional way, that is, that the rate is generated by the actual journey time and length, is still available,” says Kantonen.

A fixed-price trip includes a five-minute wait at the ordering address and a direct pickup from the destination address. Special demands and additional services will be charged at a different rate.

  • Taxi Helsinki started offering fixed taxi fares for app-trips.

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