Ubeeqo: Europcar launches multi-mobility app in Brussels

Ubeeqo: Europcar launches multi-mobility app in Brussels

After Paris and London, Brussels just became the third city where the app Ubeeqo lets you share a car in Brussels, rent a car without a driver or book a taxi. Ubeeqo, a subsidiary of the French Group Europcar yesterday launched a new mobility app in Brussels. Ubeeqo calls the initiative a multimodal application.

Users can choose three transportation options: car sharing through Matcha, a car and driver (taxi) through CarASAP or rental cars from Europcar. The platform includes a Ubeeqo electronic payments system plus invoicing. This way Ubeeqo is targeting private and business customers.

“With the Ubeeqo platform we want to launch a new concept of urban mobility life. Flexible, budget friendly, more convenient, less time consuming and more environmentally friendly mobility solutions that exist are not aligned, that’s why we offer a unique access point, “says Benoît Chatelier, CEO of Ubeeqo. In the coming months Ubeeqo plans an extension of the platform’s services.

Although Ubeeqo calls its app a multimodal platform, there is no service for public transport users – yet. It is very much car-oriented. The oldest Brussels carsharing system, Cambio, has 383 cars in the region, Matcha about 50 for starters.

Brussels Minister for Mobility and Public Works, Pascal Smet ,received the initiative with open arms. “There are 235,000 people who every day come to Brussels alone in their car. If a third of them would start carpooling, the problem is gone. I also believe in these modern solutions via the smartphone.”

  • Ubeeqo launches in Brussels after Paris and London.

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