Taxi & Mobility Intell Update 2017 – presentations available

Taxi & Mobility Intell Update 2017 – presentations available


Introductory keynote -A view towards the horizon:

“The mobility landscape today and a view towards the horizon.”

Shwetha Surender, Program Manager Mobility,Automotive &Transportation. Frost & Sullivan, London.

surender – Taxi and mobility update

FutureTrends I:The City in Charge!

Ivo Cré,Deputy Director, POLIS Network, Brussels:“The city’s growing importance.”

ivo cre – Polis-4May_TaxiUpdate2017

Prof.Dr. Cathy Macharis,Vrije Universiteit Brussels; Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences & Solvay Business School; Head of Research group MOBI – Mobility, Logistics and Automotive Technology Research Centre:

“Rethinking mobility for a human city.”

Macharis-Human city_for taxi conference final

Serge Metz, CEO UNIT, Paris:“The Future of the Industry.”

serge metz

FutureTrends II: Is MaaS (Mobility as a Solution) in the Driving Seat?

“The leading Role of PublicTransport in New Mobility.” Kaan Yildizgöz, Training Director, International Association of Public Transport (UITP), Brussels.

Kaan Mobility Intell

Sampo Hietanen, CEO MaaS Global Ltd,Helsinki: “Mobility as a Service – does it change the world and when?”

Sampo -TaxiBus 04052017

Alwin Bakker, Founder and CEO, Rotterdam – Consultancy in future mobility: “The Autonomous Future.”

Bakker – Taxi and Mobility 2017

FutureTrends III:Different Outlooks,Different Driving Seats?

Herwig Kollar, Taxi Deutschland eG/Board member taxi and PHV association BZP, Frankfurt. “Do we really need a new business model?”

herwig kollar- Vortrag_Brüssel

Tarek Mallah, COO NuRide Transportation,NewYork:“A changed industry needs a new business approach.”

Tarek NuRide – Redux

Michel Pêtre, CEOTaxisVerts, Brussels,“Taxi-sharing : removing the barriers.”

Petre – T&Mi update

Tomorrow’s Mobility I:Different Systems,Different Regulation?

Welcome by the Minister for Mobility and PublicWorks of the Brussels Capital Region, Pascal Smet: “The New Regulatory Model in Brussels – A Model for Europe?”


Olli-Pekka Rantala,Director-General of Services Department,Ministry of Transport and Communications of Finland.“Laying the groundwork for the Future of Mobility – Finland´s Transport Code”

olli-pekka – Laying the Ground for the Future of Mobility OP Rantala FINAL

Dirk Ritter, Section Head of the Transport Regulatory Authority,Ministry of Economy,Transport and Innovation, Hamburg/Germany:“Regulation and supervision of commercial passenger transport – necessary or not? The experience from the Hamburg practice.”

Ritter – Präsentation Taxi Brüssel2

KateToran, Director of Taxis and Accessible Services, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA), San Francisco:“A view towards the horizon from where it all began.”

toran- Taxi & Mobility Update 2017 Brussels

Meera Joshi, Commissioner/Chair of the NewYork Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC):“NewYork’s approach to the regulation of a diverse industry.”

Simon Buggey,Transport for London (TfL).“New challenges for taxi and PHV regulation.”

buggey – Taxi and Mobility 2017 – London briefing

F R I D A Y M A Y 5

Olga Petrik,Transport analyst, Statistics and Modeling Unit International Transport Forum (ITF): “The remarkable outcome of the Lisbon mobility study.”

Petrik-urban mobility

Levent Erdogan, CEO Karsan Otomotiv:“Environmentally-friendly and accessible city buses for the inner city.”

erdogan-Minibus Concept 2.05.2017

Dr.Michael Galvin,Head of Regulatory Affairs,Addison Lee Ltd. London.

“New business models for a changed business environment.”

Kaae – the new Karhoo

galvin – taxi and mobility update 2017_version 1.0_20170501

Sonila Metushi,Manager – Mobility of People &Taxis, International Road Transport Union (IRU), Brussels: “The role and place of taxis in 2030: IRU’s Taxi of the Future initiative.”

Sonila Metushi

Matt Daus, President of the International Association of Transportation Regulators (IATR): “A quick update on new regulatory accents worldwide.”

Prof.Dr. James Cooper, Taxi Research Partners,Dallas.

“Taxis: grief, acceptance and opportunity.”

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