Taxi & Mobility Update 2016: Smartly solving the Mobility Puzzle

Taxi & Mobility Update 2016: Smartly solving the Mobility Puzzle

Mobility is changing rapidly. Mobility solutions are getting more personalised. Apps and different providers are making the mobility landscape more individualised.

Tomorrow’s mobility will be more tailormade. Even before autonomous vehicles appear on our streets, Taxi and For Hire Vehicles, Transportation Network Companies (TNC’s), public transport operators, coach companies and bike and carsharing systems will each fill in part of the mobility puzzle.

Who’s going to do what? Which operator or company is going to take the lead? The two-day annual Taxi & Mobility Update – previously held in Amsterdam – gives an in-depth overview of the mobility industry and provides (smart) answers to solving the mobility puzzle.

In the heart of Europe, specialists from all over the world will provide our target-audience (taxi and FHV-operators, public transport specialists, TNC’s, regulators, mobility associations, academics, consultants, politicians and suppliers to the mobility industry) with answers to solving the Mobility Puzzle.

Join us in Brussels on June 23 and 24! Register for the newsletter and check this new sister-website to for regular information on Taxi & Mobility Update 2016!

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