Taxi & Mobility Intell Update 2018 – presentations

Taxi & Mobility Intell Update 2018 – presentations

April 19-20, 2018 – Brussels, Van der Valk Hotel 

Thursday April 19


Welcome by conference organiser Wim Faber, MobilityIntell, introducing conference moderator

Richard Harris, Mobility as a Service Alliance and Member of the Supervisory Board of ERTICO, London

Introductory keynote – “A view towards the horizon: The mobility landscape today and a view towards the horizon.” 01 Shwetha Surender part 1  01 Shwetha Surender part 2, Mobility Industry Principal, Frost & Sullivan, London. Q&A.

Future trends I – Tomorrow’s mobility.

“Tomorrow’s mobility – the innovative role of public transport operators.”

02 Caroline Cerfontaine, Manager Combined Mobility, UITP, Brussels.


“The autonomous future.”

03 Alwin Bakker part 1  03 Alwin Bakker part 2, Founder and CEO – Consultancy in Future Mobility, Rotterdam.


“Working in practice.” 04 Lieselot Vanhaverbeke part 1 04 Lieselot Vanhaverbeke part 2 Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Faculty of Economic and

Social Sciences & Solvay Business School. Department BUTO – Business Technology & Operation

Research Group MOBI – Mobility, Logistics and Automotive Technology, Brussels


Future trends II – New mobility concepts and (European) law

“MyCorridor EU-funded project on MaaS”,

05 Carlo Giro part 1 05 Carlo Giro part 2, Policy Officer, IRU Projects, Brussels.


After the decision by the EU Court of Justice – What’s next?

06 Pieter-Jan Aerts, Senior Associate, Olislaegers & De Creus | Awerian, Brussels


“Legal challenges from the German perspective”,

07 Herwig Kollar, Board member German Taxi & Private Hire Association (BZP).


“The taxi and PHV industry from mytaxi’s perspective”,

08 Claudia Breure, Head of Public Affairs, Europe, mytaxi


“Lessons for the future of the taxi and PHV industry”,

09 Mike Galvin, COO Karhoo, London.


Future trends III – Eco-friendly concepts.


“Taxis4SmartCities – The results sofar.”

11 Yann Ricordel, Chairman of Taxis4SmartCities/Taxis G7, Paris.


“Eco-mobility in practice – an economic option?” The Amsterdam Experience

12 Gamis el Bouakili, managing director Schipholtaxi, Amsterdam


“Part of a tradition, and specifically designed for London’s ULEZ: LEVC’s TX.

13 Albert Donlou, managing director Green Roads, Rotterdam


“Made for micro-transit and the urban environment: The E-Jest midibus.”

14 Halit Ozgur Altinsoy, Business Development and Projects Engineer Karsan, Istanbul


Special guests: Future Trends III, the Russian Experience

“The future of taxi regulation in Russia,”

15 Irina Zaripova part 1  15 Irina Zaripova part 2, Director of the Public Council for the Development of Taxi in Russia, Moscow

Tomorrow’s regulation – Different views

“New forms of mobility for London and new regulation.”

17 Simon Buggey, Policy Officer, Transport for London.


“London taxis, London’s main carrier.”

Steve McNamara, General Secretary Licensed Taxi Drivers Association (LTDA).


“The Dutch Experience – From Amsterdam to Eindhoven.”

19 Hein Maas, Independent government advisor, Vught.

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